A Pioneering Innovation Created in China

Independent R&D

China's first DCI-certified laser digital cinema projector produced through independent R&D process

ALPD® 4.0

Powered by ALPD® 4.0 laser phosphor technology

Seal against dust

Effectively sealed against dust, compatible with Gen 3 server architecture

Innovative market

Suitable for VOD and other innovative market applications

CINEAPPO ALPD® Laser Projector - P20

P20 is an ALPD® laser projector developed by CINEAPPO for the video-on-demand market. Relying on the advanced ALPD® technology, P20 offers stable image quality, slow light attenuation, ultra-long life span of 30,000 hours, speckless display, and many outstanding performances, making it perfectly applicable to the video-on-demand market.

  • High quality image with a brightness of 1800 lm and full HD resolution
  • High energy efficiency thanks to three brightness modes (High, Standard, and Energy-saving).
  • Supports pre-installed media player software in the built-in Android OS produced through independent R&D process.
  • Supports Dolby 5.1 Channel surround sound in various formats
  • Easy-to-use operation by using WiFi and Bluetooth connection
  • Safety mode with the anti-dismantling function
  • Easy installation thanks to its light weight and small size

ECP-450 - For China Film Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • VGA Chip: 0.65" DMD
  • Resolution: 1,920x1,080 pixels
  • Brightness: 4,500 lumens
  • Contrast: >35,000:1
  • Screen Size: 60 - 300 inches (Width: 1.3 - 6.5m)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Standard) or 4:3 (Compatible)
  • Video Port: 1 HDMI (19-pin) and 1 DVI-D (24-pin)

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