China’s First DCI-Certified Laser Digital Cinema Projector Makes Its Debut in Support of More Innovative Application Scenarios

On August 22, 2018, CITE DAY 2018 CINEAPPO Cinema Innovative Technology Expo was successfully held at Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel...

C60 Laser Phosphor Projection Solution Adopted by China Film Archive

Since its release in August last year by CINEAPPO, C60, a laser phosphor projection solution delivering the highest brightness, has received wide attention in the industry...

The Art of Tomorrow | We Are Serious About the Future: the Application of ALPD® to Film Post-Production

Due to its excellent performance, new-generation laser projection technologies have been adopted to help improve the quality of screening.

The Art of Tomorrow | Saving Money for Future Purchases

In the first half of 2018, the box office in China’s mainland reached RMB 32.03 billion, a year-on-year increase of 17.8%...

A Must Gear for Upscale Cinemas

At the end of June, iFree Cineplex at the FC Plaza Holiday Life City, a high-end brand of Dadi Cinema, has finally put in place the 9999th set of CINEAPPO ALPD® solution which marks a new stage of its domestic presence.

China Film Unveils First All-laser Cinema: China's Intelligent Projection Technology Inspires Cultural Confidence

As the first among its domestic peers to launch all-laser project, China Film Cinema at Millennium Shopping Mall in Beijing has equipped its 17 screening rooms with intelligent ALPD® solution.

CINEAPPO Trichromatic Laser & Phosphor Technology Demonstration 2018: 10,000 Installations in China Mark a New Height in Projection Technology

On June 21, CINEAPPO held its 2018 CITE Ceremony in Shanghai. By far, 9,999 ALPD®-powered projectors have been installed in China.

National Eye Care Day | Do You Know Speckle Damage to Eyes?

As China celebrates its 23rd National Eye Care Day, we wonder whether you care the eyes when you are obsessed with phones, computers and other health hazards that take over your work and life.

Craftsmanship | CINEAPPO's "Core" Technology Created in China

CINEAPPO is always associated with "ALPD® laser phosphor technology", "proprietary intellectual property rights", "largest market share", etc.

Cinionic Established To Expand ALPD® Laser Phosphor Technology Presence in Overseas Film Projector Markets

Cinionic is a joint venture among Barco (Barco NV), Appotronics (Shenzhen Appotronics Technology Co., Ltd.), CFEC (China Film Equipment Co., Ltd.) and CITIC.

The 8888th CINEAPPO Laser Light Source Launched in Dalian Suning Cinema

On April 28, the Opening Ceremony for both the Dalian Suning Cinema Victory Square Branch and the roll-out of the 8888th CINEAPPO laser light source was held in Dalian.

Hard Work Brings Happiness and Diligence Realizes the Chinese Film Dream

Thanks to the prosperity of the Chinese film market in recent years and independent innovation, research and development, the Chinese film industry has also made great progress.

CINEAPPO Laser Halls Ensure Stable and Quality Projection for BJIFF, Covering 30% of all the Event Halls

ALPD® On April 15, the 8th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) opened in Beijing.

Defining High-End Projection With China’s Intelligent Manufacturing

During this year's "Two Sessions", "Science and Technology Innovation" made the headlines again. As China’s technology develops at a dramatic rate

Next Generation Cinema - Enjoy Modern HFR Movies

Speaking of HFR (high frame rate), we need to first know about frame rate. As we all know that a video consists of consecutive images, and frame rate, in general terms...

CINEAPPO to showcase its laser light source projection solution at CineEurope 2017

CineEurope, the largest and the most influential exhibition in Europe’s theater projection and distribution industry, will be held at Barcelona International Convention Center, Spain from June 19 to 22, 2017.


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