The service team of CINEAPPO Laser Cinema Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is composed of 10 core technical professionals from Beijing and Shenzhen, and over a hundred third-party engineers trained by CINEAPPO, providing services for cinemas in 33 provinces and cities across the country.With the 400 service hotline, we provide our users with real-time services from repairs to top-ups on a 24-7 basis. CINEAPPO has set up two spare parts coordination centers in Beijing and Shenzhen, with nearly 100 different kinds of light source spare parts in stock. Also, to deal with sudden failures quickly, spare parts that are commonly used for several light source models are made available at nearly 20 third-party service centers. Thanks to the great efforts, CINEAPPO now can live up to its commitment to respond to failure reports within 4 hours, and to resume projection within 48 hours.In addition, we also use third parties to provide ALPD users with inspection services, such as color correction and cleaning, giving the users more confidence to use our laser products.

By using the network, we can gain timely information about how the laser product is used and provide users with online technical support as well as quality solutions that are powered by data analysis.On-site technical support for major events is also available.

Service Engineer


F. 3, East China Film Equipment Building, No. 20 Xinde Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China


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