Rapid troubleshooting of common faults in ALPD® Laser Light Source V2 (Detachable) - Here come the tips!

As we all know, in the course of projector operation, it is inevitable that some small faults will occur. What should we do then? Just stay there being at a loss what to do?

Laser Light Source Projector Also Needs A “Cool” Summer

Summer is coming Are you heating up like burning? How do you relieve the summer heat? Have an ice cream?Or lock yourself into the refrigerator?Like all of you, machines in the machine room urgently need to beat the heat and get refreshed, or they may get “unhappy” and strike directly.

Cleaning of Filter Screen in Small-sized Water-cooled Tank and Power Box and Replenishment of Coolant

As we all know, scientific and effective maintenance can extend the service life of projectors, ensure quality projection and guarantee stable cinema operation. For projectors equipped with CINEAPPO small-sized water-cooled tank and power box, what are the cautions to be exercised during daily maintenance?

How to Check the Remaining Hours of 20CLP Projector?

As is known, as a mainstream product in the current projector market, 20CLP laser phosphor projector is provided in the leasing business model. As it is charged by hours, cinemas all save their one-time investment.But in daily running, a projectionist has to check the remaining authorized time during the projection in time.

Maintenance Tips for Projector—Water Coolant Replacement & Filter Mesh Clean-up

Normal use of projector cannot be separated from a good daily care. Better equipment maintenance is conductive to extending the service life of projector, ensuring the quality of projection, and guaranteeing the smooth operation of cinema.


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