Laser Light Source Projector Also Needs A “Cool” Summer

Summer is coming Are you heating up like burning? How do you relieve the summer heat? Have an ice cream?Or lock yourself into the refrigerator?Like all of you, machines in the machine room urgently need to beat the heat and get refreshed, or they may get “unhappy” and strike directly.According to the instructions on the installation site and use requirements for laser light source, products shall be operated in an environment with the temperature between 10℃~35℃, typically 25℃, and the relative humidity between 5%~85%.How could we know if the machine is too hot and feels “unhappy”?

Then what could be done to resolve such a problem?


(The projector reports an error)

Then what could be done to resolve such a problem?


This is not the problem of laser light source. So the first step is to ensure that the temperature is not higher than 35℃, and meanwhile check the filter mesh on the front media board case.Oil mark and dust can be seen obviously on the filter mesh as shown in the figure below.


Oil mark could hardly be cleaned up with water, and it shall be cleaned by hair brush with cleanser essence or other similar cleansers.

Summer comes and goes,how to avoid such problems to the greatest extent?

First, it is necessary to dust off the filter mesh frequently and keep it clean;

Second, it is also needed to replace and replenish the water coolant of the projector timely.

Replacement of water coolant could avoid reaction and overheating so as to slow down the aging of projectors to a large extent,and make the projector stay forever young as the Snow Queen.How to clean filter mesh and replenish water coolant?Please click on “Read More” to learn more details.


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