As a core part of CINEAPPO's business portfolio, the laser leasing solution has been critically acclaimed since its launch.With this unique laser leasing model, cinemas can use laser technology to upgrade their xenon-based projectors at minimum cost, and thus realize the conversion to laser projection.During the lease term, you can check the remaining hours of laser projection on the equipment, which can be used as a reference for making your top-up decisions.Top-ups will be able to be performed completely online, saving you the trouble of replacing xenon lamps.You can continue to enjoy customer support from CINEAPPO during the lease term.By the end of September 2017, the laser leasing solution had been applied to more than 4,500 projectors in China and the number is rising rapidly.



Apart from leasing, CINEAPPO has gone the extra mile for certain customers by rolling out the buyout model for some specific projector models. This means cinemas can buy out the lighting source by making a one-time payment, after which no top-up is needed.You can enjoy customer support from CINEAPPO while your light source is under warranty.


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