What are value-added servives?

CINEAPPO offers customized laser projection solutions to every cinema to help improve the projection quality.
Along with constant innovations and breakthroughs, CINEAPPO always keeps a close eye on what the users and the market actually need. Urged by its expanding market presence in terms of projector installation, CINEAPPO not only maintains and renovates existing projectors, but also makes an extra step to improve the projection quality after laser upgrading, so that such projectors take on a “renewed look”. Hence, the “Renewed Look” value-added services are launched to the market featuring a professional 360-degree inspection covering from inside to outside of the projects, and from projectors to screens, and the inspection reports will be timely delivered. The renewed image quality is customized and optional based on the current equipment conditions and user needs.

What value-added services do we offer?

360-degree all-round inspection report on the use and current state of projectors.
Tailored solutions based on the inspection reports for improving the projector quality and brightness.
Stable projection quality maintained in coordination with CINEAPOO's regular inspection services.

The value-added services bring you the following additional experiences.

The “Renewed Look” services provide users with a projection quality monitoring system, allowing them to access real-time brightness of halls and ensuring quality and high-standard projection.


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