Full analysis on new generation 55,000 lumens 4K laser projector C60

Items and states are changed and created by mind. The 55000 lumens laser phosphor projector C60 is awarded as the highest luminance laser phosphor projector in the field. From research, development and project approval to its first appearance on 2017 The Innovative Technology Demonstration of CINEAPPO Cinema, the development of C60 is aimed to create a "literally" Created in China brand and visualize more with customized and affordable luxury for each theater in this competitive market. CINEAPPO has always been improving and innovating.

Recently, C60 is going to leave the factory and make its debut. Wanna know key features of C60 in addition to high luminance?

55,000lm laser 4K projector with the top luminance in the industry

Top-level dustproof design (IP5X), innovative design of capsule protective cover for large projectors

Completely solve the dust problem that has plagued the cinemas for many years and greatly extend the service life of projectors

Three-cycle cooling system, combined air-cooling and liquid-cooling technologies

Allow the projector to work in the best low-temperature state, improve the heat dissipation performance of DMD laser light engine

Medium-sized 2D and 3D screens have the same luminance due to specialized laser phosphor technology, no need for extra speckle removal, no need to vibrate the screen, suitable for high-gain metal screens

Support DCI color gamut; two-color laser phosphor powder: R+B; easily support large- and middle-sized theaters with one machine

Low temperature environment:
The working temperature shall be maintained at around 30℃. The unique water cooling technology is used to guarantee high heat dissipation rate. Special DMD heat dissipation system helps extend the service life of DMD

Dust prevention treatment: water cooling heat dissipation method supports complete sealing design for the device. It strictly accords with IP5X dust prevention level to maintain dust free status

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