C60 Created After Stringent Tests

It was an industry-stunning event when CINEAPPO released the real device of laser projector C60 in August 2017. Produced through independent R&D process, C60 is acclaimed as the brightest laser phosphor projector ever in the industry with a brightness as high as 55,000 lumens.

To honor customers' trust, CINEAPPO established its own assembly experiment center to get updated on C60's performance and the progress of market development.

Top-notch talents equipped with specialized laboratories

"By establishing the Assembly Center to care for every detail of the devices, CINEAPPO takes up a responsible attitude to our customers," said Zhang Penghao, C60 Project Manager at the Center.

Zhang started his career in 2004 when China had just began the transition from film to digital. As one of the earliest technical staff in CINEAPPO, he has been immersed in the projection industry for 14 years with rich experience. As time goes by, CINEAPPO's pursuit of technology has never changed despite the ever-changing film market and customer demand. As a member of CINEAPPO technical team, Zhang Penghao has witnessed the rapid development of Chinese film technology from film to digital projectors, and then to laser projectors. Staying at the laboratory day in day out and racing with the ever-changing technology updates, he is not only adept in mechanical and electrical applications, but also has deep insight into the movie audio system, server assembly and system integration. To seek for ever greater perfection, he and his team are exploring more projection possibilities to create more vivid images.

CINEAPPO strictly controls each production process of the laser projector C60 to convert technology to quality products. Since August, it has set about preparing the assembly laboratory, which will add more delicate refinement to C60, whose technical specifications are already far better than those of similar products. The newly established assembly laboratory is 2.8m high. Though covering only a small area, it is equipped with international standard equipment to undergo a complete inspection process, with results as accurate as those of professional institutes.

The multi-point optical system has been the most professional inspection device in the industry. CINEAPPO has been doing whatever it can to present the best products to customers. Being detail-oriented also reflects CINEAPPO's rigorous and professional attitude towards research and development.

Professional anti-static, anti-reflective treatment have been applied to the whole assembly laboratory to reduce the influence of ambient light on testing and present the most accurate experimental data. This high-end customized laser projector must go through the stringent assembly process at all levels and the international standard inspection on all the performances before delivered to the customers.

The evolution of C60 to conform to international standards

Step 1: The highlight in this step is the seamless integration of CINEAPPO's ALPD® light source with the projector, and the C60 projector is thus ensouled. Then, the assembly staff will use a crane to lift the projector frame to at least 1.6m above the ground, and then install the frame precisely into the C60 Capsule shell whose cross section is only around 1m². The assembly staff must be particularly bold and cautious to operate such a heavy projector at such a height.

Step 2: Conduct multiple performance tests for the assembled C60 laser projector.

  • Optical performance testing:

    According to the DCI International Standards and the new edition of Tentative Technical Standards for Digital Projection (National Industry Standards) issued by SAPPRFT in 2014, CINEAPPO uses domestically advanced equipment in the same kind with SAPPRFT for optical performance testing. The projector must undergo brightness testing, color calibration and other relevant processes before delivery, so as to ensure the projection quality in cinemas.

  • Thermal performance testing:

    An important indicator in this testing is the heat dissipation performance of the projector. When running normally for a long time, the projector always controls the internal ambient temperature within a stable standard range to effectively extend the projector's service life - a major concern of the users.

  • Compatibility testing:

    The compatibility with other movie projection devices should also be tested. CINEAPPO has selected 3D devices, servers, screens and other devices with large market shares for compatibility testing to guarantee convenient usage of C60 for users to the utmost.

The C60 assembly center, together with CINEAPPO, has upheld the core spirit of "Created in China", which not only reflects the confidence in its own brand devices, but also displays the company's introspective and independent nature. It may take quite a long time to complete the assembly and testing process for a C60 projector, but speed is not CINEAPPO's weakness. It is the calm and steady mood free from arrogance or impetuosity that makes CINEAPPO continuously create miracles in the industry with irresistible force.


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