C60 Laser Phosphor Projector Certified by the Test Institute of Film Technical Quality

CINEAPPO Flagship Projector C60

The Most Advanced Laser Phosphor Technology


At the end of January 2018, CINEAPPO flagship projector C60, which had integrated the most advanced laser phosphor technology, passed the test by the Test Institute of Film Technical Quality, SAPPRFT, with an actual brightness of 55,000 lumens. This marked CINEAPPO laser phosphor projection technology and solutions being highly recognized by another national authority following CINEAPPO laser cinema light source technology with ultra-high brightness and wide color gamut honored the First Prize for the 10th CSMPTE Science and Technology Progress Award last year.

Authoritative Certification Superior Quality


The Test Institute of Film Technical Quality is the only national testing organization in the film industry approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). It provides technical support to safeguard the sound development of China's film industry with world-class professional technology testing and quality certification services. The test fully complied with the standards of DYJC3071-A Work Instructions on Technical Requirements and Measurement Methods for Optical Performance of Digital Film Projectors and has proved the excellent performance of C60 projectors.

C60 Laser Phosphor Projector was tested on such dimensions as luminous flux, contrast, uniform light output, and chromaticity coordinates. The result showed the compliance with the DYJC3071-A standards. The technical indicators of C60 reached mid and high levels among similar products, with the brightness - the core indicator - as high as 55,000 lumens. There is no doubt that C60 is the Everest of laser phosphor projectors in terms of brightness.

Technical Breakthroughs Clear Doubts

Advanced laser projection solutions must stand up to the market test and technical appraisement. In the face of the voices in the industry that "laser phosphor is a transitional solution for laser projection technology" and the so-called "true or false laser", CINEAPPO has proved itself perfectly with almost 8,000 domestic installations, stable and safe usage, and the technical indicators of C60.


From a technical point of view, first, the brightness of 55,000 lumens is a great leap, which has broken the domination of RGB laser technology in high brightness. Second, the advancement of ALPD® technology has upgraded the original monochromatic laser + phosphor solution to the current two-color laser + phosphor solution. The progress of ALPD® laser technology also makes breakthroughs and improvements in color, optical efficiency, cost, and other market-related indicators. While maintaining high brightness and basically zero speckle, the technology has expertly overcome the drawbacks of xenon lamps and RGB, providing a better projection solution for the market.

As the most advanced laser phosphor projection technology, C60 has passed the test, which also shows the technology has been recognized by the authority. 55,000 lumens is not the ultimate goal, neither is the two-color laser + phosphor solution. In the near future, the continuous technology advancement will upgrade CINEAPPO to a model of wider color gamut + laser phosphor projection technology. CINEAPPO will provide better products and solutions for the industry by combing the advantages of laser and phosphor. No one can make ultimate conclusions on the so-called "true or false laser". Market and user feedback are the best proof.


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