Online Top-up Guide

As domestic acceptance grows, more than 9,000 sets of CINEAPPO ALPD® laser light source projectors have been installed in China. To ensure quick, convenient service to our customers, we have previously launched the CINEAPPO applet that allows real-time equipment monitoring. After more than one year of preparation and R&D, we have introduced a self-service top-up platform, allowing the cinemas to perform top-ups at any time. Here is how to operate the platform.

First, type HTTP:// in your browser address bar, and then click “Online Top-up” in the navigation bar. In case of first login, please call 4008709700 for manual registration and you will receive an SMS notification of successful registration;

After login, you can check the status (“online” or “offline”) of your equipment, and remaining hours for each hall. If your account contains more than one cinema, you can select a certain cinema in the upper right dropdown list, and the status of all devices in this cinema will be displayed;


Check one or more devices that you want to top up, and click the “Top-Up” button in the upper left corner. Then, an invoice page will pop up for your confirmation;


Please confirm the invoice items, including invoice type, invoice name, and bank name. For the part you need to modify, click the button in the upper right corner. As the invoice will be issued based on the page you have confirmed, you must guarantee all information is correct.


After invoice confirmation, you can type in the hours you want to pay for on the top-up page;Note: Each device should be topped up with a minimum of 1,000 hours, and the number of hours can only be added by the unit of 100 hours, such as 1100 and 1200.


Enter the number of hours and click “Submit”. In the “Order Submission” dialogue that pops up, please select “Issue Invoice Now” if you want to get an invoice as soon as possible, or “Issue Invoice Later”, for which you can submit an invoice application on the “Invoice Management” page on your own. Then, the order is submitted successfully, and all top-up records will be displayed on the order inquiry page;


The invoice issuance and delivery status can be inquired on the “Invoice Management” page, where users can inquire about all invoices previously issued.


If you need to change the enterprise and user information, you can navigate to “Enterprise Info” and “User Info” on the User Center page to ensure timely and proper receipt of notices and alerts of all kinds.


Here are tips after a completed order:

1. Print the order as payment request document and submit it to your financial department;

2. Ensure the payment amount is same as the order amount;

3. In case of online bank transfer, please fill the Order No. in the remark column, which guarantees successful top-up as soon as possible;

If you run into any problems with regard to the platform, please click “Online Service” in the bottom right and our customer service representative will get in touch with you in the earliest time possible.


You can also follow our WeChat Official Account and use the "Cinema on the Palm" (YiZhangYingYuan,“易掌影院”) function to monitor the equipment status in real time.


Wish you a smooth and joyful experience with our online top-up service!


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