ALPD® Trichromatic Laser Phosphor Projection Solution Accredited by Authority

In June 2018, ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution was upgraded to version 4.0. In August, CINEAPPO launched the commercially available C50 laser phosphor projection solution. The solution has passed the test against all projection indicators by SAPPRFT Test Institute of Film Technical Quality, paying the way for further commercialization that will rely on its strong technical edge.

An authority-approved solution with record-setting figures

As a brand new update and the first trichromatic laser phosphor projection solution to be implemented in cinemas, C50 underwent an objective performance test by an accreditation authority. The Test Institute of Film Technical Quality that conducted the test is the only national testing organization in the cinema industry approved by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). It is undoubtedly an authority in testing and certificating cinema projection technologies. The test results also reaffirm the extraordinary performance of the core ALPD 4.0 trichromatic laser phosphor projection solution.

C50 was tested on such dimensions as luminous flux, contrast, uniform light output, and chromaticity coordinates against the highest national and industrial standards by the Institute. The results demonstrated the solution's compliance with DYJC3071-A Work Instructions on Technical Requirements and Measurement Methods for Optical Performance of Digital Film Projectors and its superiority to its competitors. It’s worth mentioning that the brightness of C50 has reached 45,000 lm. In fact, it is already capable of producing a full Rec. 2020 color gamut, providing hardware-wise support for high-quality cinema projection.

Seeking applications to niche markets with forward-thinking

As the newest member of the ALPD® family, C50 represents not only a technical breakthrough, but also the ambition of CINEAPPO in market. Equipped with ALPD 4.0, a trichromatic laser phosphor projection technology, C50 delivers higher image quality and lower costs in addition to a brightness of up to 45,000 lm and a full Rec. 2020 color gamut. In addition to excellent light source, C50 also provides IP5X dust resistance, moisture proof constant temperature, and an advanced water-cooling heat dissipation system to extend the service life of projectors in China’s cinemas where lampblack flowing backward and dust are commonly seen.

As a matter of fact, C50 is specifically designed for niche markets. The innovative combination of trichromatic lasers and phosphors brings out the best in the ALPD® solution. As the industry's first trichromatic laser phosphor projection solution for commercial theaters, C50 delivers industry-leading technology and cost control, making it an optimal choice for large- and medium-size cinemas who seek to operate as high-end brands to improve projection quality and optimize operation costs. The forward-looking solution offers cinema operators an empowering means to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

C50 solution is scheduled to be put into commercial implementation in October 2018. Passing the test means it is recognized by the national authority. Meanwhile, C60, also a high-end projection solution launched last year, has been gaining a good reputation for its stability, which paves the way for the application of C50 that will also contribute to the development of cinemas in China.


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