CINEAPPO Trichromatic Laser & Phosphor Technology Demonstration 2018: 10,000 Installations in China Mark a New Height in Projection Technology

On June 21, CINEAPPO held its 2018 CITE Ceremony in Shanghai. By far, 9,999 ALPD®-powered projectors have been installed in China, More importantly, the ceremony unveiled the next big thing - ALPD® 4.0 solution which perfectly combines trichromatic laser and phosphor based on existing technologies. With substantial improvement in color gamut, brightness, cost, and energy consumption, the next-generation application offers better techniques and services and delivers a wonderful experience to the audience.

Celebration Ceremony for the 9,999th Set

Technology today for future’s artistic display

A high market share indicates wide recognition of the technology. Technically, the ALPD® 4.0 solution has best proved our R&D strength and technical capacity. Our ALPD® technology has always been doubted and regarded as a transitional product from the early version of monochromatic laser + phosphor to dichromatic laser + phosphor design. As the most sophisticated laser projection solution enabling trichromatic laser + phosphor, ALPD® 4.0 marks a milestone in its technical route, and to a large extent improves technical performance of previous versions.


Huang Yichen, Product Director of CINEAPPO

Besides the combination of trichromatic laser and phosphor, the new solution has embraced drastic changes while retaining advantages of previous generations. In the color gamut, not only has it reproduced the entire DCI-P3, but it has also covered nearly 99% of Rec. 2020. With higher energy efficiency, ALPD® 4.0 helps cinemas reduce the operating expense. The energy consumption ratio of ALPD® 3.0 is 10.5 lm/W, much higher than traditional xenon lamps, while that of ALPD® 4.0 is 12.5 lm/W, a further improvement for effective control of the operation cost of cinemas.

ALPD® 4.0 evidences CINEAPPO's leadership in projection technology R&D, and is bound to revitalize the projector market.

Customer-centered Strategy

A total of 9,999 CINEAPPO projectors have been installed, accounting for nearly 20% of China's market. To support a huge base of laser projectors through its unique hourly rental model, a safe system with excellent services is a must. To deliver convenient and efficient user service, CINEAPPO remains committed to "intelligent" services. After more than one year of research and development, CINEAPPO introduced a smart business platform which allows real-time monitoring of equipment status in cinemas. At the same time, the system provides customers with access to 7*24 smart top-up services and query of invoices and logistics information, making cinema operation easier.

Hao Pengcheng, Operation Director of CINEAPPO

In the past years, CINEAPPO has made great headway thanks to a booming Chinese film market. More than 10,000 projectors have been sold and installed - a milestone of our past glories, and also a mark of a new journey. In the future, CINEAPPO will start over to innovate laser projection technologies and bring better products and services to users. Focusing on technologies, products, and services, CINEAPPO will leverage its extensive experience to explore more opportunities and grow together with China’s film market.


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