China Film Unveils First All-laser Cinema: China's Intelligent Projection Technology Inspires Cultural Confidence

ALPD® Laser Projection Technology

As the first among its domestic peers to launch all-laser project, China Film Cinema at Millennium Shopping Mall in Beijing has equipped its 17 screening rooms with intelligent ALPD® solution. Having witnessed the birth of CINEAPPO and received many foreign counterparts, the cinema is a leading model for technology application in China, and also a major enabler to promote the cutting-edge technology.

All-laser Cinema: An Industry Benchmark with Three-Year Steady Operation

China Film Cinema at Millennium Shopping Mall is a large-scale detached theater with upscale and modern amenities in its diverse rooms. In 2015 when China unveiled its proprietary ALPD® technology, the cinema, which always stays ahead in technology innovation, introduced the new technique and transformed its 17 rooms into all-laser facilities. It is the first cinema in Beijing to carry out all-laser upgrade and make it happen. Over the past three years, the ALPD® solution has maintained proven results in brightness, brightness decay, and color expression. With these new projectors operating steadily in the early stage, China Film Cinema has been more determined on all-laser upgrade.

Besides a better viewing experience, the solution also benefits cinema operation. The laser projector boasts slow light attenuation throughout the ultra-long service life of 7 or 8 years. Without frequent light change, the cinema can largely reduce operating expense and human cost. Backed by a convenient top-up platform, the solution is charged on demand by an hourly rental, a unique business model which has eased pressure on the cinema in fierce competition.

Visits from Foreign Delegations

As an industry benchmark, the cinema has attracted many foreign delegations which highly praised the ALPD® solution. Beyond the sea, the solution has been shown in film festivals like CinemaCon and CineAsia, but in China its display to foreign counterparts still relies on the China Film Cinema.

By far, there are more than 10,000 sets installed in China and over 2,500 sets overseas. At the same time, more business partners are joining with the China Film Cinema in promoting the ALPD® technology overseas. China's transition from a follower to a leader in film technology is not possible without the solution, and more importantly, the efforts of many peers like China Film Cinema at Millennium Shopping Mall. As China advances its "Belt and Road" initiative, it will bring its intelligent technology to people in more countries and regions, sharing with them amazing techniques from China.


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