A Must Gear for Upscale Cinemas

At the end of June, iFree Cineplex at the FC Plaza Holiday Life City, a high-end brand of Dadi Cinema, has finally put in place the 9999th set of CINEAPPO ALPD® solution which marks a new stage of its domestic presence. As an upscale all-laser cinema, iFree Cineplex has set standards for its peers in cinema deployment and operation. What's special about the cinema? Let's find it out today!

All-laser Cinema + Star Maxto Create a Distinctive Movie Culture

As cinema construction booms in China, the audience are becoming tired of similar cinema design and experience. iFree Cineplex, the first cooperation project between Dadi Cinema and the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild (HKFDG), is a major facilitator for mutual exchanges between both sides and therefore requires the best facilities. As it seeks first of all a differentiated, high-end experience, the project covers more than 10,000 m2, houses 15 rooms, each equipped with ALPD® projectors as well as leather seats.

A project leader from Dadi Cinema indicated that the organization must introduce cutting-edge technologies for its commitment to diversified and quality viewing experience. Amidst a new consumer culture, the cinema works to present not only more excellent films but also a social space characterized by movie culture. An ALPD® projector has markedly improved the image quality in terms of color and stability, and helped the cinema to create a distinctive social space for the audience to gain an exciting experience in films and movie culture.

Laser Projection, Future of Cinemas and Filmdom

n China, more and more new cinemas have seen the technology as a necessity because it offers acceptable solutions to pain points in traditional screening techniques. A director, Dong Yue, said that, despite their painstaking efforts for shooting and post production, they were bitterly disappointed about the gloomy images of The Looming Storm when it was premiered. A widely acclaimed film is in fact attributed to quality, original content as well as an outstanding projector. An ingenious, artistic idea can never find its best expression in terrible images.

The Looming Storm

The ALPD®solution has ensured perfect image quality by improving brightness of especially 3D productions. At the same time, it has made breakthroughs for longer life span, more stable images, safer operation, and easier maintenance. The technology is gaining favor among cinema operators, audiences, and directors. With more than 10,000 sets installed, China's film market is well on course for overall laser-oriented transformation.

Looking forward, quality content and advanced technologies will become two driving forces for the film industry. With continuous improvement in movie content, China's filmdom will soon grow from strength to strength. The universal application of laser projection no doubt plays a key role in the process. CINEAPPO seeks to join hands with standard-setters like Dadi Cinema to take the film industry up to a new level.


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