CINEAPPO Laser Halls Ensure Stable and Quality Projection for BJIFF, Covering 30% of all the Event Halls


On April 15, the 8th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) opened in Beijing. As a high-profile session in previous festivals, the 17-day "Beijing Film Panorama" was still in full swing in 32 cinemas in Beijing this year. Some cinemas even featured high-end halls, such as CINEAPPO laser halls, delivering to movie fans an extraordinary audio-visual feast enabled by advanced laser projection technology.

CINEAPPO Laser Halls Guarantee Quality Projection, Accounting for Nearly One Third of All the Event Halls

Over 50 CINEAPPO laser halls were employed in over 10 of the 32 Panorama cinemas, including JINYI Cinemas Joy City Branch, Jackie Chan Cinema Wukesong Branch, Lumière Pavilions in Paradise Walk, screening nearly 200 excellent movies, which demonstrated the Festival's recognition of the quality projection and advanced technology.

Many of the Panorama cinemas have long started upgrading to laser projection. Lumière Pavilions in Parkview Green and other cinemas have basically realized overall laser upgrading. With higher brightness and saturation, the cinema halls equipped with CINEAPPO projection solutions presented to the audience a worthwhile experience.

The Quality and Stable Imaging Has Been Well Received Over the Past Half Month

Since the "Panorama" tickets went on sale, 2 million tickets were sold in one minute, and 9 million in 12 minutes, the speed of which doubled from last year. Among them, the tickets of blockbusters, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Titanic and Chungking Express were sold out in 10, 12 and 15 seconds respectively. CINEAPPO laser halls lived up to the expectation of movie fans, since they are superior to traditional halls in terms of projection brightness and color performance, allowing fans to enjoy classics in a better way. Up to now, over 50 CINEAPPO laser halls have been running smoothly in the 17-day Panorama, while providing quality and stable projection and best experiences for fans.


Chungking Express




The Grand Budapest Hotel

During the BJIFF Panorama, CINEAPPO laser halls delivered superb experiences for viewers, which proved again the high quality of CINEAPPO laser projection technology. Up to now, CINEAPPO laser light source projection solutions have been deployed in nearly 9,000 cinema halls in China. During the Festival, CINEAPPO will sign a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with JINYI Cinemas, which will be more powerful feedback from the market. In the future, based on years of market experience, and advantages in technology, products and services, CINEAPPO will boost the domestic film market with higher projection standards.


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