The 8888th CINEAPPO Laser Light Source Launched in Dalian Suning Cinema


On April 28, the Opening Ceremony for both the Dalian Suning Cinema Victory Square Branch and the roll-out of the 8888th CINEAPPO laser light source was held in Dalian. Guo Liang, Vice President of Suning Cinema, and Hu Jianxiang, Vice General Manager of CINEAPPO Laser Cinema Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CINEAPPO) attended the ceremony. It is the 20th movie theater of Suning Cinema in China, and it adopts the 8888th CINEAPPO laser light source. At the event, nearly 100 spectators from Dalian watched the latest movie at the CINEAPPO laser hall and enjoyed the stunning effect.

Laser Helps Suning Cinema Set Off Movie Craze

As an important role player in the layout of Suning Group in the film industry, Suning Cinema is dedicated to building a high standard in the cinema chain by means of constant introduction of advanced laser projection technologies, with a view to enhancing the core competitiveness in high quality projection. On the basis of ultra-high-end projection equipment, Suning Cinema has also built featured theme halls and VIP halls to seek for ever greater perfection. By leveraging the quality projection and service, Suning has opened up 20 cinemas in China, enabling Suning Cinema to enjoy both rapid development and good reputation.


Award ceremony

Over the past two years, Suning Cinema has installed CINEAPPO laser light source projection solutions in nearly a hundred laser halls, which shows the recognition of CINEAPPO and the fulfillment of the commitment to ensure projection quality. Compared with traditional cinema halls, CINEAPPO laser halls boast higher brightness, better color performance and more stable light output, ensuring consistent high quality viewing effect within 7-8 years. During the day, the high quality pictures were well received by the spectators who had an unprecedented immersive experience in the CINEAPPO laser hall.

The roll-out of the 8888th laser light source is based on better services.

Official data has it that China has 9,914 cinemas and over 53,000 screens, ranking first in the world. Among them, CINEAPPO has more than 8,888 installations in China, accounting for approximately 17% of all screens in China. This represents the market recognition of CINEAPPO time and again, as well as CINEAPPO's consistent dedication to products, technologies and services. As the brand with the highest market share in the domestic laser projection market, CINEAPPO always believes that the improvement of projection quality is never easy. With even more quality products and services, CINEAPPO will provide powerful support for high-quality projection.


In the future, based on its own technological advantages and years of market experience, CINEAPPO will continue to promote laser projection in the domestic market with better solutions and services. CINEAPPO will work with Suning and other excellent partners to enhance projection quality and jointly promote and witness the booming Chinese film market.


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