Cinionic Established To Expand ALPD® Laser Phosphor Technology Presence in Overseas Film Projector Markets


The recent establishment of Cinionic sets off a full-on expansion of ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology into overseas markets.

Cinionic is a joint venture among Barco (Barco NV), Appotronics (Shenzhen Appotronics Technology Co., Ltd.), CFEC (China Film Equipment Co., Ltd.) and CITIC. The company's headquarters are located in Hong Kong, with offices in the United States, Belgium, Mexico, etc. Through this partnership, Barco's excellent technology for film theaters, the advanced ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution, as well as China Film Giant Screen (CGS) solution will be brought to the world. As China's proprietary intelligent intellectual property, ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology will make a full-on expansion into overseas film markets, creating a new playing field for the international film theater projector market.

China's Intelligent Projection Technology

Full-on Expansion Into Overseas Film Markets

As an epitome of China's intelligent manufacturing, ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology is the result of more than ten years of research and development—and holds thousands of tech patents. The technology has been widely promoted in the Chinese market since late 2015 and has already been widely adopted in theaters. Having been showcased at numerous overseas film conventions, including CinemaCon and CineAsia, the technology has been highly evaluated and well-received by overseas customers. In March 2017, the ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution was installed for the first time overseas at Brenden Theatres in Las Vegas. The equipment has been running stably without malfunctions for more than one year, providing consistent high-quality projection.


Compared with the traditional xenon light source, the ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution offers higher brightness and color performance, with a service life that spans seven to eight years. This solution features other advantages such as light attenuation of only 20% during the service life. As such, the ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution is building a name for itself in overseas markets and has also laid a strong foundation for ALPD® technology internationally. The establishment of Cinionic further serves as a strategic base and platform for China's One Belt, One Road strategy, marking a new chapter in the promotion of China's proprietary core film projection technology overseas.


Cinionic is committed to revolutionizing film and provides cinema investors with stunning holistic entertainment solutions, turning dreams into reality through facilitating innovative service modes and flexible capital expenditure.

Widely Anticipated by Laser Phosphor Technology Camp

ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology has been adopted quickly throughout China, the world's largest film theater projector market, where there are more than 50,000 screens. CINEAPPO's ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology has seen more than 9,000 product installations in China alone, which makes up almost 17% of total screens, and covers more than ten mainstream cinemas domestically. All eyes are on the eventual outcome of promotions in overseas markets. Nonetheless, the outstanding performance of ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology in the Chinese market has instilled confidence overseas.


Cinionic's establishment is a new driving force for ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology and indicates the industry and market recognition of the solution provided by the technology, on a global scale. China's intelligent projection technology is now taking on the world, and as the laser phosphor light source grows in popularity, the flagship brand for ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology, CINEAPPO, upholds its commitment towards research and development into technology, product upgrades and seamless service, so as to bring China's cutting-edge intelligent projection technology to theaters, provide the audience with the best picture quality and boost the film market.


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