China’s First DCI-Certified Laser Digital Cinema Projector Makes Its Debut in Support of More Innovative Application Scenarios

On August 22, 2018, CITE DAY 2018 CINEAPPO Cinema Innovative Technology Expo was successfully held at Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel. Department heads from China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology, the Administration Center of Digital Film Content and China Film Co., Ltd., and about 200 partners from Texas Instruments DLP enterprises and products, GDC Technology, mainstream cinemas and on-demand markets gathered to witness the launch of C5, China’s first laser digital cinema projector produced through independent R&D process. More importantly, the product marks a step into new areas in China’s film industry, facilitating new growth and innovative efforts.

A tech pioneer launches China’s first DCI-certified laser cinema projector produced through independent R&D process.

Pioneering and innovative results are based on in-depth understanding and discovery of the market. As of now, over 11,000 ALPD® laser phosphor projectors have been installed by CINEAPPO in China, which is a stunning achievement. As we understand the current projection market better, we notice that the more cinemas built, the less profit each of them make. Besides, cinema operators are desperate to find a way out by turning to more distinctive projects and business models. That is why C5 digital cinema projector was developed.

As China’s first DCI-certified laser phosphor digital cinema projector, C5 boasts the advantages of laser phosphor projection technology. Powered by the state-of-the-art ALPD 4.0 laser phosphor technology, it supports the Rec 2020 gamut and delivers high contrast. Thanks to its patented, sealed and dust-proof design and compact and portable size, the projector can be installed in various settings and remain noise-free during operation. While retaining consistent high quality like any other products of CINEAPPO, C5 is equipped with Gen 3 server architecture to support on-demand projection of commercial movies and open up new applications in the film industry.

C5 creates new application scenarios, allowing for greater growth in the fierce red ocean competition.

C5 is a pioneering innovation in the history of projection in China. As China’s first DCI-certified laser digital cinema projector produced through independent R&D process, the extraordinary C5 opens new application areas for traditional commercial cinemas. In addition to improving the projection quality and visual experience, they may achieve a breakthrough by adopting new viewing modes and getting involved in more new areas. As a new-generation smart laser digital cinema projector that is DCI-certified and supports on-demand projection of commercial movies playing in cinemas, C5 will be the main force driving the application of projection equipment to the blue ocean VOD market and many more scenarios such as hotels and KTVs.

Further, C5 will be applied to more platforms and settings, making it possible for cinema investors and operators in cities to achieve greater growth. Diversified means will be adopted to enhance the customer loyalty and bring an increase in the box office and additional revenue. Providing a more flexible service model for cinemas and delivering new market opportunities, the product is expected to be put into production in the second quarter of 2019. Stay tuned!


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