C60 Laser Phosphor Projection Solution Adopted by China Film Archive

Since its release in August last year by CINEAPPO, C60, a laser phosphor projection solution delivering the highest brightness, has received wide attention in the industry. It has been gaining popularity among users after its official launch at the end of 2017. At the beginning of 2018, China Film Archive introduced and deployed the C60 projection solution in its largest projection hall (Hall No. 1), which marked the application of “China’s core technology” in the country's largest database and film exchange platform to deliver stunning visual experience to the audience.

Creating excellent cinema experience with top-notch technology

As the world’s largest archive of Chinese-language films, China Film Archive has not only undertaken the tasks of data collection, film promotion, academic research and personnel training since its establishment 60 years ago, but also has been well known as an important platform for the exchange and display of films. To present best images, the Archive decided to deploy the most advanced projection technology that enables overall improvement of the projection quality. After comprehensive comparison of various brands and technology roadmaps, the Archive finally turned to the laser phosphor projection solution of CINEAPPO.

As a best solution for improving and optimizing the screening effect, C60 has maintained the technical edge of ALPD® by delivering a high brightness (of up to 55,000 lm). In the hall with more than 630 seats and a 21-meter-wide screen, the C60 solution offers a brightness of 45.5FL for 2D film screening. The unique ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology of CINEAPPO is inherently speckle-free, which takes the viewing experience to a whole new level. In addition, C60 provides IP5X dust resistance, constant temperature and humidity and unique water cooling technology, which has not only addressed the dust-related issues that long plagued projection halls, but also significantly improved the system reliability and extended the service life. It is fair to say that C60 provides a cost-effective solution for the upgrade of large- and medium-sized cinemas by leaps and bounds.

Working together to foster a robust Chinese film industry

Since its deployment in China Film Archive, C60 has been a masterpiece of “Created in China” in the field of film screening, and has been demoed in various cultural events, including the 8th Beijing International Film Festival. The much acclaimed projection quality has helped the Archive set a good example for building an advanced international platform for the display and exchange of screen culture in China.

The Archive is in pursuit of premium film content, while CINEAPPO is devoted to providing high standard experience. From the perspective of the film ecosystem, they both are aimed at the same goal, namely, to develop quality films and boost the film industry in China. Getting off to a good start, they will further their cooperation in various fields to drive “Created in China” from strength to strength in the film industry.


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