The Art of Tomorrow | We Are Serious About the Future: the Application of ALPD® to Film Post-Production

Due to its excellent performance, new-generation laser projection technologies have been adopted to help improve the quality of screening. In the competitive market, ALPD® laser projection technology has gained a firm foothold thanks to its technical advantages and innovative business model. As of the end of June, over 10,000 sets had been deployed in China’s cinemas.

In fact, projectors of higher quality are an important basis for improving the quality of screening. In addition, at the end of 2017, CINEAPPO applied laser projection to the displays in film post-production studios for the first time, helping the State Production Base of China Film Group with equipment deployment and providing hardware support for the entire film industry chain from color modulation to projection equipment. The State Production Base is also one of the few post-production studios in the industry to use laser projection equipment, striving to present the films as they should have been presented.

At present, most of the post-production studios still stick to xenon light sources in post-production. To apply innovative technologies, for example laser technology, to the future post-production, the best studio in Asia, the State Production Base as a leader in the reform and development of the film industry and even the entire cultural industry, took the lead to use ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution.

Slow attenuation and high technical maturity

ALPD® technology delivers stable experience

Due to the fast attenuation and short service life of xenon lamps, and the extremely demanding requirements for brightness and color in post-production, studios have to calibrate the equipment basically once a week, and replace the light sources frequently, which significantly increases the workload and cost of equipment operation and maintenance. ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution has extraordinary light source stability and slow light attenuation without color cast during projection. It can guarantee 80% of the initial brightness at the end of its service life. While ensuring the projection quality to the maximum extent, the solution also reduces the workload of maintenance.

In addition, as everyone knows, traditional light sources in a cinema last for about three months. To guarantee desirable display effect, post-production studios have to replace the light sources frequently, which increases both the workload and the costs, and poses the risk of loss caused by operational errors during the replacement. In contrast, ALPD® laser source has a service life of 30,000 hours (7-8 years) and guarantees high image quality, bringing great convenience to studio operation.

ALPD4.0 innovative technology

lays the foundation for future development

Laser projection is superior for not only the ease of daily maintenance, but also the improvement of color gamut and image quality at the production level. Take the latest ALPD 4.0 trichromatic laser phosphor projection solution that covers the Rec.2020 color gamut as an example. Although DCI-P3 color gamut is still used for color modulation in film post-production, it is believed that the Rec.2020 color gamut will prevail with the increased requirements for film contents. ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology has already laid the foundation and support for the future technical development.

Ultimately, higher film quality relies on the overall improvement of the projection quality, the standards for content production and the content itself, while to improve the projection quality is the most fundamental requirement. Enterprises like CINEAPPO and the State Production Base of China Film Group will, by being more committed to their own fields, endeavor to drive the development of the entire industry chain as well as conversion to laser projection in the film industry.


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