CINEAPPO to showcase its laser light source projection solution at CineEurope 2017

CineEurope, the largest and the most influential exhibition in Europe’s theater projection and distribution industry, will be held at Barcelona International Convention Center, Spain from June 19 to 22, 2017. The "Chinese team" is impacting the international market with its rapid development of the Chinese film industry and its rising international influence. CINEAPPO will attend the exhibition with X20-B220C, the advanced laser light source projection solution. As such, the projection technique made in China is finally breaking into international arena.

Technology created in China makes China a power in the film industry

The laser light source projection solution by CINEAPPO has attended several global exhibitions. Technically speaking, CINEAPPO’s solution was developed with over one thousand technical patents and has overcome a great deal of obstacles. It directly and efficiently solves poor projection luminance problem for 3D films and covers a range of 10,000-40,000 lm. It can guarantee an excellent viewing experience, longer service life, and lower total cost of ownership among other diversified solutions. It not only fills in the blanks of core projection techniques in the field in China, but also becomes the leader in the laser-phosphor projection field, ahead of worldwide competitors by a few years. It contributes greatly towards improving China's position in the global wave of conversion to laser cinema projection.

Constant product upgrades with the Chinese craftsmanship spirit

By inheriting the Chinese craftsmanship spirit, CINEAPPO's laser light source projection solution is leading the industry while constantly improving itself. The upgrading to the most advanced two-color laser-phosphor projection features a higher energy efficiency ratio, more power saved, and better color and image quality.

The technological progress enables CINEAPPO to expedite the R&D of new products and perfect the product line layout. Recently, CINEAPPO is able to provide complete solutions for cinemas ranging from small halls to China's giant screen halls. With the Chinese craftsmanship spirit, CINEAPPO will satisfy multiple demands from theater owners using diversified projection solutions.

Going global as a leader in the film projection industry

Sweep the market with cutting-edge technology. In 2014, CINEAPPO’s laser light source solution was launched. By the end of 2015, CINEAPPO’s laser light source projection solution was widely promoted in the market. Now, CINEAPPO is expanding in theaters at home and abroad. Currently, there are nearly 3500 deployments in domestic market and the global order amount has reached 6200 sets. Additionally, CINEAPPO has received warm welcome and feedback from overseas users. CINEAPPO's participation in this foreign exhibition will further expand the overseas influences of "Created in China". With the accelerated deployment of laser light source projection solutions, CINEAPPO hopes to speed up the global conversion to laser cinema projection while consolidating the position of Chinese brands in the global film industry.


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