Defining High-End Projection With China’s Intelligent Manufacturing

Science and Technology Innovation

During this year's "Two Sessions", "Science and Technology Innovation" made the headlines again. As China’s technology develops at a dramatic rate, Chinese consumers no longer equate foreign technologies and products to better quality, and associate "Made in China" with low-end products. China's film industry has grown from strength to strength. With a number of emerging technologies, the country has disrupted the monopoly held by foreign competitors. Today, we would like to present C60, a flagship projector that well satisfies the Chinese film market and epitomizes China's intelligent manufacturing. Let us take a look at some of its features.

An Icon of Laser Phosphor Projection Technology

Brightness has long been a key indicator for projectors. The C60 is powered by the CINEAPPO ALPD® laser phosphor projection solution and features a brightness of up to 55,000 lm, but what exactly does this mean? When a super large display is required, two units of C60 can guarantee a clear bright image on a screen as high as a five-story building, with each providing the industry's highest standards of brightness in general. Given this sufficiently high level of brightness, during screenings 3D films may be adjusted dynamically to a brightness similar to that of 2D, avoiding large visual differences and offering premium visual experiences to audiences.

Best Choice for Large and Medium Cinemas in China

More cinemas are seen in cities throughout China's vast territory. Conditions in the projection booths of theaters vary due to factors like geographical environments, cinema construction, and daily operation. Some theaters are even located in cities troubled by frequent sandstorms. As the majority of cinemas in China are located in shopping malls, their projection booths share the ventilation system with restaurants. In the long run, cooking fumes will flow backward to the projection booths, damaging the internal components of projectors and shortening their service life. As cinemas overseas have different circumstances, foreign brands of projectors are not designed to prevent such damage. The C60, however, is tailored to the Chinese market and aims to solve such problems faced by domestic cinemas. It boasts:

  • Unique dust-proof capsule design

    Its unique dust-proof capsule design that passes the IP5X test applicable to cultural relics prevents dust ingress, minimizing maintenance cost for cleaning light paths.

  • Efficient cooling system

    An efficient cooling system, along with its high level of protection, ensures an optimal low temperature for smooth operation even in extreme conditions. This helps maximize actual service life, reduce equipment failure rate, and save labor cost for cinemas.

C60 marks a big step for CINEAPPO. With ongoing innovation and improvement, CINEAPPO has offered cutting-edge technologies that reduce the reliance of Chinese cinemas on foreign projection technologies and introduce competition to the market. Thanks to CINEAPPO, domestic cinemas can deliver the best viewing experience with minimum investment. Our products are well received and recognized in the market.


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