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CINEAPPO is always associated with "ALPD® laser phosphor technology", "proprietary intellectual property rights", "largest market share", etc. The quality products and services, the constant upgrading of core technology, and the continuous increase in the market share, and each breakthrough and step forward are inseparable from the efforts and endeavors of the team members. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. Here is an inspiring story about how CINEAPPO and its staff have overcome many struggles and hardships and grown up to what they are.


The birth of ALPD®

The perseverance of optical engineers against all odds

It all began somewhere in a small office in Shenzhen in the summer of 2013, when a dozen of optical graduates from Tsinghua University, Peking University and other renowned universities at home and abroad, concluded a brief kick-off meeting for ALPD® laser phosphor technology and started their R&D work. Burning the midnight oil in the muggy weather in south China, they did not anticipate that their efforts and hard work would bring mainstream projection technology to the market in only five years.


At that time, the RGB laser projection technology had already been released, but troubled by serious speckles and high costs. It can be said that laser phosphor projection technology had to solve the existing problems facing RGB laser projection technology in order to gain a competitive edge. The best solution was to integrate phosphor into the laser, but how to integrate the two was a challenge. The process from 0 to 1 was not simple. On the one hand, the laser + phosphor technology had no precedent and must rely solely on independent innovation; on the other, the RGB laser light source products were relatively mature and seen as insurmountable by other laser technologies.

The technical challenges and public doubts made CINEAPPO staff even more determined to develop a domestic technology. For over a year that followed, the CINEAPPO team threw themselves into the trial-and-error cycle and finally broke through the tolerance limit of the phosphor wheel to the laser light source, and solved the stability issue of the laser light source; in addition, it radically removed the intractable speckles for RGB laser technology, and effectively reduced the cost of laser light sources. The initial success marked the birth of ALPD® laser phosphor projection technology as an epitome of China's intelligent manufacturing.


Enter the market

for a hand-to-hand combat with rivals.

The birth of technology was only the beginning. The true value was what the technology could create for users and the market. At that time, however, was the market ready to accept the ALPD® laser phosphor technology? The year 2014 and 2015 witnessed the prevalence of RGB laser projectors, which were highly advertised by major brand manufacturers. It is imaginable how difficult it was for the brand-new technology to gain a firm foothold in the market, win customer recognition, and bear the pressure exerted by the rivals. "Sorry, we only choose RGB laser products," "The monochromatic laser + phosphor is merely a transitional solution of RGB," which were most frequently heard by the marketing team of CINEAPPO. After overcoming technical difficulties, the team was confronted with the biggest issue - how to open up the market.

Back then, CINEAPPO was a little-known small company in spite of its independent intellectual properties. To launch products to the competitive market, advanced technical staff of CINEAPPO went to the front line markets across the country to provide field installation services for the customers, explain the technical advantages to them, and learn about their needs. Through interaction with the customers, the staff gradually discovered their pain points, so they constantly improved the products and solutions, and put the combatant R&D spirit into marketing, and soon punched a "hole" in the market.


fter opening up the market through hard struggle, CINEAPPO rapidly enlarged the "hole" with quality product technology and a lower TCO, and even gained word-of-mouth fame for ALPD® laser phosphor projectors and a climbing market share. In the second half of 2016, CINEAPPO installed about 1,000 ALPD® laser phosphor light sources in China. In 2017, it achieved explosive growth, and has had over 9,000 installations now. In addition, CINEAPPO staff never stops technical innovation, which has been proved by the evolution from the initial monochromatic laser + phosphor, through the dichromatic laser + phosphor, to the future trichromatic laser + phosphor.


Growth continues

with a good grasp of the technology, products, and what you need

From a R&D team with only a dozen members to a famous enterprise with the largest market share, CINEAPPO staff has carried forward the core spirit of innovation and perseverance. That is why the CINEAPPO team constantly updates and iterates its products and technology: the increase in the luminous efficiency of ALPD® laser phosphor light sources has achieved both a further cost reduction and a steady product quality improvement. It is the persevering and combatant spirit that drives CINEAPPO forward all the time. Half of 2018 has passed already, and CINEAPPO will soon usher in the new era of ALPD® 4.0 marked by the milestone of its 10,000th installation. In the future, CINEAPPO will forge ahead and make strides with the spirit of craftsmanship!


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