Cleaning of Filter Screen in Small-sized Water-cooled Tank and Power Box and Replenishment of Coolant

As we all know, scientific and effective maintenance can extend the service life of projectors, ensure quality projection and guarantee stable cinema operation. For projectors equipped with CINEAPPO small-sized water-cooled tank and power box, what are the cautions to be exercised during daily maintenance? Today, we will provide some practical techniques for maintenance of water-cooled tank and power box for you from two perspectives!

Maintenance of filter screen of water-cooled tank and power box

A dirty coolant filter screen impacts the heat dissipation of the fan and may even shut down the fan and thus lead to temperature increase, affecting normal operation of the circuit board.

1.How to clean the filter screen


1. Loosen the two spring screws as shown on the left and pull the filter screen holder out;


2. As shown above, remove the filter screen from the holder and clean it by patting, or replace the filter screen with a new one. Please make sure that filter mesh is perfectly fit with the structural parts without leaving any gaps after it's placed back. Then insert the filter mesh holder back into the water cooled tank.

2.Cleaning frequency

Generally, it is suggested that filter screen be cleaned every three months or even more frequently when necessary.

Replenishment of water coolant

The operating projector will continuously generate heat, which may lower the efficiency of laser transmitter if not dissipated timely. The optical glasses may get destructed, de-moulded and ablated, or the phosphor may show low efficiency, brightness decay and color cast, while timely replacement of water coolant can effectively avoid these problems and ensure the normal running of the machine.

1.When should the coolant be replaced?


1. Observe the color of water coolant, and replace the water coolant timely when it is turbid with foam;

2. When the level of water coolant is lower than the minimum scale as shown, please replenish water coolant to the highest level.

2.How to Replace Coolant in a Scientific Way?


1. As is shown, loosen the two spring screws and draw out the water-cooled driving plate;


2. Pull off the water cooled tube and remove the outer shell of the water cooled t


3. As is shown, unscrew the upper lid of liquid storage tank on the left of water cooled tank and replenish water coolant.

3.Replacement Cycle of Water Coolant

Normally, water coolant shall be replaced every 2 years, or replaced as appropriate.


1. Please empty the water-cooled tank when changing for a different brand of water coolant, so as to avoid mixture.

2. Water coolant shall not be replenished beyond the maximum scale.

A well maintained and cared projector shall have a long service life and deliver excellent projection quality.


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