Rapid troubleshooting of common faults in ALPD® Laser Light Source V2 (Detachable) - Here come the tips!

ALPD® Laser Light Source V2 (Detachable)Find faults and take pictures

First, the following two steps shall be followed if there are faults for ALPD® Laser Light Source V2 (Detachable):


Observe the power box’s LCD screen as shown below; check the LCD screen for code information next to Wcode and Ecode, and the NOCTASK information and take pictures of them. Then, operate according to the “Light Source Code Table”.


Observe the light status on the touch screen of Barco projector and the fault information of the projector and then take pictures

In case that the light source point is not on or the light is off, please call the manufacturer hotline if the power on button of the projector is gray, and call CINEAPPO hotline if that is blue.

Categories and Treatment Measures of Common Faults

The following are some commonly reported faults of ALPD® Laser Light Source V2 (Detachable). If you encounter these problems, please follow the steps to easily determine the category of fault and treat it efficiently.

Light Source Faults: E09/E15/E11/E04

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Open the left and rear covers of the projector (the 23B motor drive board is on the right side of the projector). As shown below, check if the wire connection marked in yellow box is loose or off; check if there is any crack in connection terminal or spin run of the thread end.

a. Plug tightly the wires that are off or loose and please replace the wire lead or conversion board terminal if it is cracked.

b. Please change the motor drive cover if there is no abnormality.

Light source error reported: E14

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Check if the fans of color wheel rotate normally; reconnect the wires of Fan 1 and Fan 2 on the motor drive board, as shown below.

a. If one fan is working while the other is not, exchange two wires of fan 1 and 2 on the board of motor; please change the fan if above measure is not effective.

b. If both fans rotate normally and the wiring is correct, please change the motor drive board.

Light source error reported: E02


As shown below, the time on the blue screen of the power box shows 0, and noctask is in lower case wording.

Power off the projector and reboot it. If the status remains the same, power off the machine, pull up the five wires under the power box’s blue screen and the network line at the upper-right corner, remove the upper cover of the power box, take out the button battery from time service daughter board and wait for a while before putting it back. Restore the machine and turn the power on for a second try. If it still doesn’t work, please replace the time service daughter board.

Light Source Alarms: W17/W19


This alarm will not cause the light to go out, and will not affect normal projection.

Power off the projector and open the right (the original xenon lamp box side) cover of the projector, pull up and then plug in wires 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the board (as shown below) and check other small wires for loosening or falling off.

Light Source Alarm: W11


Status: This alarm will cause the light to go out

Check the two water pipes from the water-cooling box to light source for any bending or deformation; check the quick connector to the pipe for any loosening; check if the coolant has run out; clean the dustproof cotton on the power box and water-cooling box.

It is as easy as that! I’m delighted to present you with “Classification and Handling of Common Faults in ALPD® Laser Light Source V2 (Detachable)”. We are going to share more tips on using the laser light source next time!


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